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A star up in the sky...

A poem to the dead...

4 January
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You probablly don't like me but, I don't care.

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I really love Pineapple.
I love when my kitty gives me some lovin'.
I enjoy chapstick
Stars are by far one of the prettiest things god made.
I like it when people will just start talking to me.
Making new friends is a plus plus.
I make cards for people, and I like that.
My friends are ejoyable.
So is cuddling with them.
Ice skaing is where it's at.
I get happy over a good deoderant.
I really like water.
Drinking.Swimming. And when it falls.
Collages interest the hell out of me.
I absolutley love sleeping all day.
I sing like an idiot.
Sunsets make me happy.

I like music. [ Making, hearing,and seeing it]
Art tickles my fancy.

I no likey:

People who are unaware they don't know everything.
When things get in my eye, adn I'm all tearing up dying.
People who wake me up abruptly.
People who make me hungry. Like those who eat the food I should eat.
People in general.
The sun makes me sick.
I hate my freckles.
I hate people who blast country music. Your music..Is just that.

I drool when I sleep.
I snort when I laugh really hard.

I like you.
And your mom.
So, IM me.
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